Barb Mingay of Barb’s Buckwheat Pillows

After over 40 years in health care, both as a Registered Nurse and health care administrator (now retired), Barb knows a thing or two about healthy living and best health care practices!  And, from personal experience, has learned the vital importance of restorative sleep.

A married mother of two adult sons, Barb suffered for years from headaches – tightness around the head, a constant dull ache or migraine lasting from a few hours to a few days.  She tried a myriad of pillows, new mattresses, herbal remedies and changes in bedtime ritual, all to no avail.  Then, fifteen years ago, she was introduced to buckwheat hull pillows by a woman in her community.

Initially, Barb had doubts.  The pillow seemed heavy and made an audible rustling noise, but she decided to give it a try.  Within a very short time, her morning headaches subsided and she was hooked!

Barb is a woman constantly on the go with physically demanding challenges.  She is a home repair expert “par excellence”, known among friends and family as “The Tool Chick”!  You can be sure she did not become an advocate for buckwheat hull pillows without doing her research, checking out claims and studying up on the very best materials to use in the making of her pillows.  The result is a product she is proud to put her name to.

To find out details, please go to the sections on the website “Benefits of a Buckwheat Hull Pillow” and “What is Buckwheat”