FEATURED: Barb’s Premium Package



  • 100% Canadian Grown/Milled (40 cm x 56 cm) Buckwheat Hull Pillow ($90)
  • 100% Organic Bamboo Fiber Outer Pillowcase & Inner Case with Zipper ($30 Value)
  • Extra Buckwheat for Custom Adjustment ($10 Value)
  • Travel/Dust Bag ($10)


Zippered Inner Case

Pillow with Pocket Pillowcase

Travel/Dust Bag

The Premium Difference

  • Firmness that promotes spinal alignment and a restful sleep.
  • Zippered inner case that allows for adjustable support.
  • An Extra Pound of Buckwheat Hulls is filled in the pillow for no additional charge.
  • Durability – Your pillow is filled with premium whole buckwheat hulls that will last 10+ years
  • Cool Comfort – The shape of the hulls allows air to flow through the pillow keeping it fresh, dry and cool.
  • 100% Organic Bamboo Fiber Inner and Outer Pillowcases that are durable, yet soft and luxurious.
  • Outer pocket pillowcase made of the same organic bamboo fiber is included.
  • Buckwheat hulls are chemical-free, dustless, odourless and non-allergenic.
  • Buckwheat and bamboo are vegan-and eco-friendly, sustainable and compostable.
  • Dust Cover/Travel Bag Included with each Pillow.

About Barb

After over 40 years in health care, both as a Registered Nurse and health care administrator (now retired), Barb knows a thing or two about healthy living and best health care practices!  

A married mother of two adult sons, Barb suffered for years from headaches – tightness around the head, a constant dull ache or migraine lasting from a few hours to a few days.  She tried a myriad of pillows, new mattresses, herbal remedies and changes in bedtime ritual, all to no avail.  Then, fifteen years ago, she was introduced to buckwheat hull pillows by a woman in her community.

What is Buckwheat?

buckwheatpillowBuckwheat is a plant cultivated for its grain-like seed. Buckwheat hulls are the non-edible, hard outer casing that houses the triangular-shaped seeds. Buckwheat is eco-friendly, sustainable and compostable.

Barb’s Buckwheat Customers Sleep Well

Danielle Chevalier, Windsor, ON  

“I woke up with headaches for about a year and tried so many different things. I went for regular massages, changed up my workout routine, did stretches, took advil…everything. After using my Buckwheat pillow for a week my headaches started to disappear. I can’t believe it and am so happy I got one. Try it out for yourself they are incredible.”

Carol Rivard, Riverside, ON

“I really love my buckwheat pillow from Barb’s Buckwheat. I take it everywhere I go. My husband has one too and loves it. I use mine for body support and find i am not tossing and turning as much in my sleep. My favourite part about the pillow is that it stays cool all night. I always used to hate how my other pillows got so warm. Thanks Barb.

JB, Windsor, ON  

I have tried many pillows in the past. I was bothered by numbness in my arms. I adjusted the pillow by removing 3 cups of fill.  I wondered about my head resting down low but have been sleeping very well with it.  It’s been great, terrific, I love it! With the head, neck and shoulder support I no longer have any numbness in my arms.  I look forward to going to bed at night and sleeping on it. Thank you, it’s wonderful!

Elizabeth Hull, Nanaimo, BC

“I ordered a pillow online from Barb recently and have been very pleased with my purchase. It was mailed by Express Post and arrived quickly and in good condition. Love the smooth organic bamboo cases, the inner zippered case allowing customization of pillow firmness and height, and the convenient drawstring storage bag. It takes a few nights of getting used to and deciding on the most suitable amount of the buckwheat hull fill to leave in/remove. Once you adjust, it is well worth it! Better sleep and fewer headaches for me. As a side-sleeper I have also tried the pillow between my knees to alleviate hip pain. It works much better than standard pillows which do not maintain their density and are useless. I will be recommending Barb’s Buckwheat pillows to friends. Thank you Barb for your commitment to creating such a high-quality product.”